4 Reasons to Switch to Managed Cloud Hosting for Your Site

Cloud Hosting has made the daunting task of web hosting seem like a breeze. With its robust and reliable architecture, cost and resource scalability, and secure environment, cloud hosting has become the most sought-after hosting solution for most websites today. Having said that, there is an aspect of cloud hosting that still makes site owners contemplate when choosing a cloud host – Managed Cloud Hosting. Cloud hosting, as we know, is quite user-friendly. However, hosting can be a time-consuming task, and not every site owner, at every given time, will have the time or bandwidth to take care of hosting functions, all by themselves (or even their tech team). While this may be possible at the early stages of the business, as and when the business expands and the website grows, it will need intervention from the experts. That is where managed cloud hosting comes to rescue.

If you are a site owner and considering whether or not you should opt for managed cloud hosting, then read on to know why it could be the best hosting choice you would ever make.

Automatic updates

The kind of highly dynamic websites that are being today requires constant upgrades. More so because most of them are built on content management platforms, which keep updating their version to ensure the best performance. Even if you want to, you cannot possibly update every application, plugin, database, and the core, as and when they are released. But when you have a dedicated person/team to keep track of such updates, you can expect it to be installed right away, so your site continues to run smoothly and optimally.

Automatic daily backup

An increase in data volume is inevitable when the site content and its users increase. And most often than not, it becomes overwhelming for anyone to singlehandedly backup every bit of that data and remembering to do it regularly. In case you ever miss out on any part of the data or forget to back up someday, you can lose out on vital information, which could also affect the business. So, instead of taking such chances, opting for managed hosting makes more sense, wherein you can get automatic backups of your entire site data, along with other site assets, daily.

Advanced Security

No matter what domain or size your business is, there can be no compromise on its security. When you get a managed hosting service, your cloud hosting provider equips you with cloud-based security tools that can monitor your site every microsecond of the day, all through the year, and scan for any anomalies. Some more advanced tools also auto-quarantine threats at the instant they appear. Without an expert taking care of such finer tasks, it would not be possible for you to ensure security at such micro-levels.

Round-the-clock support

If you need relevant support for every other business operation, then so is the case with hosting. From the daily server maintenance and management to troubleshooting, addressing queries, to even identifying needs for resource addition, the tech team assigned by your hosting provider can take care of everything. And you can simply sit back and invest that time in expanding your business or growing your clientele.

To sum up…

Managed hosting is nothing but economies of expertise. It lets your cloud hosting provider go beyond the extra mile of basic operations to managing crisis and identifying new needs. Only then can you make the most of cloud hosting technology and make your site perform the best.