4 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your Smartphone

There’s a reason why people just can’t get enough of their smartphone. While a regular phone may be perfectly fine for calling, sending messages, and basic calendaring, a smartphone has become indispensable for many.  If you still haven’t converted to a smartphone, or maybe you recently just got one, you may not be aware of all of the things that it can do. Take a look at some of the most impressive things that you may not know that your smartphone can do.

Automating Your Home 

The bigger your houses, the more things need to be done to keep it running. From your pool needing to be cleaned, to your grass needing to be mowed, to the dusting needing to be done, there’s no shortage of things to do when you own your own home.

However, automation makes it easier than ever to make sure all of it gets done. Simple voice commands can automate things like your vacuum, your washing machine, and even your dishwasher.  Whether you’re at home, or at work, a voice command can turn on whatever you need it to to ensure that everything gets done without having to lift a finger.


Attention all treasure hunters! Now you can find a secret treasure all with the magic of your phone. Geocaching is one of the most popular pastimes which involves locating treasures that others have buried, by detecting its location thanks to your GPS. There are several different geocaching apps to choose from. It can be a fun activity solo, or with your family. The best part is that it’s entirely free and a great idea for a new hobby if you’ve been looking for one.


Once upon a time if you were setting up a shelf, or hanging a painting, you would need a special leveling tool to ensure that it was straight.  Now, you can simply take your phone out of your pocket thanks to a leveling tool within a simple app. The best part is many leveling apps are entirely free, and incredibly easy to use.

Tracking Your Health

Your watch can be used as a useful tool for measuring your health stats.  From how many steps you make in a day, to your heart rate, your smartphone can monitor your heart rate thanks to your camera’s flash. It’s as simple as downloading the app, putting your finger over the flash, and you’ll get an estimated heart rate based on the reading. Apart from heart rate, you can also track your sleep. Simply set a time when you fall asleep, and your phone will tell you how long you’re in bed. For a more accurate reading, consider incorporating a separate connected smartwatch.