5 Key Drivers for SMBs to Choose Cloud as Their Web Hosting Solution

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For a hosting to run successfully, it needs to be complemented by a sound hosting provider who understands the needs of clients. Additionally, the provider must also know which hosting suits the client and will see the client’s website in the pink of its health.

Cloud hosting providers around the globe have realised that SMBs need the first push into hosting their website with resources that are cheap and at the same time scalable. Which is why, cloud has emerged as the best hosting option. But in addition to this, there are several reasons why SMBs see cloud as their whole and sole solution. To start with, cloud has great data backup mechanism which has allowed SMBs to trust it in case there are geographic upheavals or disasters. Several others included as factors that determine a cloud’s popularity within many segments.

With this article, we will explore why every cloud hosting provider has been full with demand for cloud and what has been the reason for cloud’s popularity in the SMB market.

  1. Cloud deployment and cost are both economical

Enterprises of every shape and size need a hosting solution that provides a bang for every buck they pay. They need an innovative option that can solve issues in a bid to scale quickly. What’s great about cloud hosting is that you need not bother about your own hardware. Hence, cloud helps you save undesired costs and helps you scale at the same level. This implies that you can always get rid of the added costs that are levied by your on-prem servers. If you have a decent cloud hosting provider, you won’t have to pay for space, control, physical security, protection and cooling or even need to take care of the expenses of continuous support.

  1. Runs on a plug-and-play & pay-as-you-go model

The biggest asset of a service like cloud hosting is that you don’t need to worry about the time taken to get started with or deploy the cloud at your end. That is because the cloud allows you to avail the cloud instantly without fussing about setting it up. In addition to this, you need not pay in advance but you can pay as per usage while utilizing cloud resources. Also, if you decide to host any application in the cloud, all you have to do is tell your cloud hosting provider to orchestrate the app because with cloud, you can get started with a one click install.

  1. Cloud gives you an added advantage

Ask any business owner that has deployed the cloud about his website’s performance, and they are most likely to tell you that they do not face any issues with respect to storage, speed or performance. This is because a cloud hosting provider enables you with resources so well that your website does not suffer. Take Ceph storage for instance that has allowed SMBs to store lots of data. Rather cloud gives you an undue advantage over other types of hosting because of its fast hypervisors, and large scale server farms that store huge amount of data. All this makes the cloud an asset to acquire and a benefit that you cannot let go of.

  1. High Availability 

Cloud as a hosting service cancels any likelihood of server disappointments that lead to downtime. A cloud server is designed to convey steady and reliable execution that ensures 100{6f8b61c7d8fa25d540b0965ebb5969324b5e2bb819e4ad11a45fb06bced71dc6} uptime. This is on the grounds that customers are facilitated with virtual machines that, in case of an issue, can be relocated between stacked servers. Cloud hosting providers ensure that they maintain such standards in terms of cloud service while empowering mission-critical apps for businesses.

  1. Extended security 

There are many misconceptions and myths around cloud not being a secure hosting service, but let us be fair and honest, no hosting server is. It is made secure by amalgamating it with virus protection and inbuilt equipment that protects data from various virus attacks. With cloud, this advantage is extended by a mile you can say. Cloud hosting has built in technology that can counter DDoS attacks and assaults at a server level. The encryption for data is so well done that every time there is any assault, deployers are notified of the same and protected from data breach. Hence, it is said that cloud hosting has extended security. Thanks to many a cloud hosting provider, users can avail this benefit.

In closing

We would like to say that cloud as a service is here to stay for good. If you have had a chance to use it at a demo level, please do and let us know what you thought about the same. Hope you have enjoyed reading the article. Please share your feedback in the comments section below.