Teldat, Network Solution for Your Company

Challenges are always waiting for business people to be conquered. This year, for example, the investment climate in the world was overshadowed by a weakening economy due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this does not mean that this challenge will reduce the optimism of business actors to continue to improve their performance and gain better results than in previous years.

Of course, the right strategy needs to be designed by business people. A strategy that becomes a road map and integrates steps to the goals to be achieved. In an era of collaboration like this, partnerships with other parties are one of the strategies that must be looked at.

Partnerships enable business actors to focus on core businesses. Jobs that are not the expertise of a businessman are left to those who are experts. The need for qualified technicians to drive innovation and service quality to customers, for example, can be met by partnering with the right company, such as Teldat.

Teldat continues to be committed to synergizing with partners and industry players to jointly record business growth amid increasingly fierce business competition. The greater the challenges and the increasingly fierce market competition, make Teldat a partner that provides peace to every player in the banking industry to focus on their main business.

Teldat as a provider of data communication services, internet, cloud-managed networks, and IT services offers end to end IT management solutions for business actors from all sectors of the banking, insurance, financing, manufacturing, logistics, distribution, transportation, retail, oil, and gas industry sectors. mining, plantation, and government.

Teldat has been a trusted partner for information and communication technology (ICT) services for many years. Teldat grows and grows along with the expansion and changes that continue to occur in the industrial market.

Teldat has become an ICT total solution company with a complete portfolio of service products ranging from access to communication and information services with a wide network, internet and IT services, or management of company information technology according to customer needs.

Teldat is ready to provide more benefits and result in smooth access to communication and information, both from the head office and branch offices or vice versa as well as from the head office or branches.

Teldat data center service products and cloud managed sdn networks Services have been supported by security certification and the presence of experts who have been certified and recognized by international institutions. Teldat will provide quality service with maximum security guarantees.