5 Ways to Transform a Rental Car Through Hi-Tech Gadgets

If you’re reading this article, there’s a high chance you got a car on rent, and you’re looking to improve the car experience using technology. Smart move!

You see, especially when you have a long-term contract with the lease company, using hi-tech gadgets will give you a more sophisticated look to your car and will make it easier and maximises efficiency when you use your car.

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Here are five various ways you can transform a car using technology.

1.     Getting a dash camera

The most unfortunate thing to happen to a person is for their cars to be hit by some unknown driver, and they have no evidence to prove to their insurance company they didn’t do it themselves—sad stuff. Trying to convince your insurance company would be quite a chore if you didn’t have a dash camera before the incident. Dash cameras record video footages, making it possible for you to easily identify hit and run drivers. This device uses sensors to even detect and warn you of potential hits or impacts from another vehicle.

2.     A car radiator and warmer

You rented the car doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use gadgets that’d make life comfortable. If you’re the type of person that loves camping, get yourself a car warmer. This device can be plugged into a power source to keep your food, beverages and even medication at the right temperature. Most car radiators come in small sizes, are compact, energy-efficient and can even sit on the armrest.

3.     Smart tires safety monitor

This device is a complete turnaround for the automobile industry. It enables you to track tire pressure, monitor and detect tire leaks and tire temperature. Now, why is this so important? Faulty tires are one of the leading causes of car accidents online. With this device, accidents are prevented, and lives are saved.

4.     Car air purifier

This device comes in handy to remove foul odour, clean and absorb toxic gases and odours and remove harmful bacteria using a filter system. So, if you want your car to smell nice and fresh all day or you want to reduce your chances of getting sick or both, this device is the one for you. It usually also comes with an integrated sensor that displays the air quality.

5.     Automatic car tent

Imagine you in a location where there’s no garage and pulling up with an automatic car tent. You’d be the coolest person in that location, really. In addition to making you look cool and sophisticated, the car tent provides protection and shade from your car from the sun, rain, snow, bed droppings, falling objects etc. it can also be used as a tent for camping. So, if you have this device for your car, you have a dual purpose gadget to protect your car and for camping.

In essence, having a rented car doesn’t stop you from using these above-listed devices. They are detachable and can be removed once it’s time to return the car back to the rental company. What’s stopping you from getting these gadgets today?