4 Must-Have Tech Devices for People Over 60

Senior citizens take up a significant amount of the population and the numbers are continuing to rise. And as the baby boomer generation continues to age, so does technology. While some people over the age of 60 may shy away from new technologies, seeing them as an uncomfortable change, others embrace and invite the possibility of tools that can make things he’s here and more convenient.

If you are a senior citizen, then here are some tech must-haves that you should seriously consider getting your hands on.


Although many seniors may be used to a traditional desktop computer, a tablet is even better for your computing needs. Because it’s so lightweight and portable, it makes it easy for seniors to use the internet without having to get up or bother with a mouse and keyboard.

If you’re someone that mostly uses a computer for gaming, or staying in touch with your loved ones, then a tablet may not just be a more economical solution for you, but better overall.

Nowadays, you can even buy tablets that are created specifically with seniors in mind. For example, Grandpad is a tablet that allows you to do everything from check your e-mail, to make video calls. Because it was made geared towards seniors, it has enlarged text, advanced voice automation features, and is much safer in regards to e-mail scams and phishing.


Many people think that Alexa is simply a speaker, when in reality it’s so much more. An Alexa can help you remember your most important appointments, and even order groceries for you. It can also help you in the event of an emergency, since you can send voice messages from wherever you are the house. If you should suffer a fall, or have any sort of emergency, you can simply ask Alexa to send a message or call who you need to get ahold of.


As we get older, we start moving around less. In many cases, we not even realize that we are less mobile than we once were. A Fitbit is the perfect way to monitor your daily activity, and ensure that you’re getting enough steps in. The best part is that a Fitbit easily syncs with your phone so that you can monitor everything from your screen rather than simply from your wrist. If you manage to get the right Fitbit model you can even control your Alexa device from your Fitbit, and read your text messages. Best of all, they come with heart rate monitoring which is a must for seniors wanting to keep an eye on their overall heart health.

Ring Doorbell 

For seniors concerned with safety, a Ring doorbell is a great way to keep an eye on who is coming and leaving your home. Not only does it increase the security of your home by having a camera set up at your front door, but it can also reduce your chances of an accident. Two-way microphones make it easy to communicate with anyone at your door, which means less having to get up and open the door when someone knocks. This can be an incredibly practical solution for seniors with mobility issues.