10 Ways to Train Your Brain to Be More Creative

The brain as the center of information and our activities is the most vital organ. Brain cells are made up of millions of cells but are actually effective when we think hard only a fraction of zero percent of our brain cells. By consuming vegetables and fruits that are rich in nutrients and vitamins, you can also consume herbal supplements such as CBD Oil.

Albert Einstein, who is a world scientist who developed physics, only uses 1{6f8b61c7d8fa25d540b0965ebb5969324b5e2bb819e4ad11a45fb06bced71dc6} of his brain cells. Even if seen, Einstein was one of the scientists who was quite creative, and even almost every time thinking of new things. The cause of human creative thinking ability is very limited because they are not trained to use it.

Get into the habit of searching for information about brain therapy and supplements for the brain such as CBD Oil Canada. In addition, follow the 10 ways to sharpen the brain to think creatively below and.

1. Getting used to being right-handed and also right

Do the task with a non-dominant hand. If you usually use left-handed hands (left) then use your right hand and vice versa. For example when using a cellphone, when writing, brushing teeth and tying shoes in the opposite direction. According to the Franklin Institute, this type of exercise can strengthen existing nerve connections and even form new nerves.

2. Reading

Reading can flex the muscles of the brain, both light reading (such as comics or novels) and reading information. And according to Dr.’s study Nikolaos Scarmeas in 2001, reading can help build ‘cognitive reserves’ to delay the onset of dementia.

3. Play a puzzle or crossword puzzle

Sudoku, Rubik box, TTS and other types of puzzles, can train the brain, especially the left brain, according to the Learning Rx cognitive training center. Add new strategies to streamline brain training, such as solving crosswords with unusual themes.

4. Play strategy games

Strategy games like chess, monopoly or games on other computers, will use the right brain which can help people think more creatively.

5. Change the routine

Changing new routines and ways of life can activate brain connections that were previously inactive. Exercises that can be done, for example, showering with your eyes closed or rearranging your office or desk.

6. Learn foreign languages

Learning foreign languages ​​activates parts of the brain that have not been used since you started talking. A 2007 study at York University in Toronto, found that using multiple languages ​​can increase blood supply to the brain to maintain healthy nerve connections.

7. Enjoy music

Besides listening to music, learn also to play musical instruments. Experts also recommend activating two senses at once, such as listening to music and kissing flowers.

8. Physical exercise

Physical exercise can also improve brain health because it can increase blood flow to the brain. Physical exercise can increase attention, reasoning, and memory.

9. Social life

The brain can be trained by living your social life, for example by visiting friends. A 2006 study by Dr. David Bennett from Rush University Medical Center found that having social networks can provide protection against clinical symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

10. Looking for a new hobby

Challenge the brain to learn new skills or things you have never done before. If you are not an artist, try to learn to paint or sculpt. If you can play the piano, learn to play the guitar. Find something new and interesting to be able to keep the brain active.

Thank you for reading 10 Ways to Train Your Brain to Be More Creative. Hopefully, the above article can be useful for you.